Since its inception, Lizar School emphasizes the highest standards in intellectual growth in the development of social, moral, academic, and spiritual values in preparing pupils for secondary, tertiary education, and ultimately the future. The inter-ethnic and non-denominational nature of the school gives it a truly national outlook in all activities. It encourages pupils and staff to learn and work in an atmosphere of tolerance and awareness of the richness of our diversity. The calm ambiance is how we can describe the environment at Lizar School. Situated in a clean and well-maintained compound, the facilities i.e. classrooms, dormitories, dining hall, and playgrounds fit the child in safety and good health which promotes the child’s growth.
Guided by our school's golden rule

‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself ’,

we strive to achieve harmony and equality in all that we do.
We remain focused on our strategic developments to make the school a better place and a Home away from home for all.

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Conducive learning Environment

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Fun and Play Activities 

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Modern Transport Facilities