The CBC Lower and Middle school {Grade 1- Grade 6} is our foundational section. We aim at building a firm foundation for the learners as this will be used as a stepping stone for their academic journey in Junior, Senior and Tertiary level schooling. This is achieved through actual teaching, concept formation and internalization, and the general molding of the child.

      We have both   Day School  {Grade 1- Grade 6} and  Boarding   School  {Grade 3- Junior Secondary} facilities for Boys and Girls.


      • Good Performance – We mould each learner to achieve the highest academic performance possible. 
      • Quality Engagement with our learners through excellent teaching and thorough preparation for life. 
      • Modern and Digitalized Classrooms to facilitate ICT integration in day to day learning. 
      • Conducive learning environment that is safe and child friendly. 
      • Empowered and disciplined Learners (Lizar Product) through mentorship programs and spiritual nourishment.
      • Well trained and motivated staff that are self-driven and committed to the Lizar Vision. 
      • Well-coordinated sports and club activities that are fully resourced. 
      • Enjoyable school life by offering delicious balanced diet and a homely environment.